Plot Problems

My particular brand of writer’s block this week is taking shape as a perplexing plot problem.

I’ve called my heroine in for an interrogation, the main goal of which is to reveal that the heroine’s mother has been betrayed and arrested. Simple enough. Except, I cannot conceive of her interrogator’s motive. Why is he interviewing the heroine? Most intel is already in hand, and though he does love to gloat, this guy has no real reason to bother with a face to face meeting. So why interrogate a woman already so effectively spied on that the deepest secrets of her life are laid bare?

Oh! He wants intel that predates his spies! Of course! They’re building a case and hoping to use information the heroine can provide in her mother’s prosecution. Information from her mother’s past.

There. I just needed to write that out, apparently.

Back to it.

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