Unexpected Turns in the Tale

I met some fellow writers at a Barnes & Noble Starbucks Monday night and wrote for hours without stopping. The interesting result of a randomly selected writing prompt was a completely unexpected new scene in my book.

I’ve met a lot of novelists who’ve had to trim the fat on 200,000 word manuscripts in order to ameliorate their darlings to a public that won’t read much more than a 90,000 word novel. I don’t have this problem. I have always been concise, despite a nasty predilection for listing out redundant descriptors, and it looks like I’ll be lucky to break 80,000 by the time I finish this book.

Writing prompts like the one I used Monday night may be part of a solution to this issue. I need to explore my characters, my setting, the hidden pathways of my plot, even if half of what I produce is bunk and rejected in the final version.

Noveling is – by necessity – a wandering sort of trail-blazing, I think.

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