On Writing – Book Review

I just finished the second draft rewrite of my first novel. I have learned that you shouldn’t really say you’ve “finished” a novel until after the first rewrite. It is now the book I intended it to be! More rewrites will come, of course, and there is always room to improve. But writing the last line of the book with almost two years of committed time and careful plot/character/setting exploration behind me felt like a step toward Nirvana.

But on to the point: I’m going to put the book down for a season, maybe a few weeks, and I’m looking for Creativity Feeders in the meantime. A worthy first candidate for reading/listening: Stephen King’s On Writing. It gets steadily good reviews, is supposed to be an easy read, and likely holds a lot of valuable counsel for me as I embark on the brand new trials of publishing.


Source: On Writing – Book Review

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