I got my first rejection email today and it didn’t smart nearly as much as I expected it to. That may have had something to do with the professionalism of the agent who sent me a gentle no. She did a great job of not making it feel like a form letter or like it was any sort of comment on the quality of my work. It also helped that all she saw was my query letter, so I know for a fact she didn’t say no because she thought my first two chapters were crap. 

Still, I expected to have to do some breathing exercises when my book wasn’t immediately snatched up as the next record breaking hit of this decade. 

Nope. I’m good. There are thousands, literally thousands of agents out there. And while I have no illusions about having written the next great American novel, my book is good. Someone’s going to pick it up. Just a matter of time and persistence. 

I remembered a comment from one agent’s blog that she doesn’t care to get thank you emails in response to rejections, archived the email without replying, and immediately queried another agent at the same agency.

So begins Stage 1: the rejection process. I heard one talented author report that he got 89 rejections before getting signed. 

One down…

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