To Celebrating the Small Things

When I received my first rejection email a couple weeks back, I was fine. Better than fine, I was motivated. It just made me want to get as many queries out there as I could. Cast a wide net. Work off the assumption that I’ve got a good book and someone out there will want to represent it.


When I received my tenth rejection email, I was… fine. Until I read a little further and found out that the agent had loved my story idea. She just didn’t like my writing.

It didn’t draw her in the way she had hoped it would.

So, obviously, I should never write again.


But then.

Oh then, I got an email from an agent I hadn’t even emailed yet. They were on my list. They were coming up next, in fact. But someone passed my query along to them and they wanted to read more. They asked for a few chapters. They opened a door!


That one correspondence trumped all the rest.

It may amount to nothing. I may have to query another hundred agents before I find the right fit.

But a door opened. Just a smidge.

And THAT is something worth celebrating.

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