To Amazon or Not to Amazon, That is the Question…

Since the first time I mentioned to someone that I was actively seeking a publisher, I’ve gotten confused looks and the same question, over and over again: Why don’t you just self-publish an eBook on Amazon?

I know I’m not alone when I say that getting published the traditional way, with an editor and/or agent, with a carefully bound tome of printed pages that I can smell and feel and turn over in my hands, is quite simply my heart’s desire.

That is my goal for my novels: I want to see them on my bookshelf. I want spines with “Amy Deringer Robinson” printed on them resting between Poe and Salinger. I want books.

But my short stories… Well those I might be willing to self-publish as digital bite-sized fiction.


Anyone have experience with this?

Anyone like to buy short stories on Amazon?

7 thoughts on “To Amazon or Not to Amazon, That is the Question…

    1. Thanks for replying!

      I’m hesitant to take that kind of risk with my novel, since a lot of publishers won’t look at submissions if you’ve published it previously, but I’m a little more comfortable experimenting with my short stories.

      I’ll let you know what I find out!

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    2. Yeah, and I think that will be more and more true in the coming years. However, is it worth skipping the process of having a professional editor go through the manuscript? I know I’m not a strong enough writer to produce quality work without some editorial advice. Are the critiques of fellow writers enough in that regard?

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      1. Well, the downside is you’d have to put some money out to hire an editor, cover designer etc. Some people can afford that, others can’t and just do as best they can on their own.

        I’d say give traditional your best shot and then if it doesn’t work don’t let your work grow dust on it and try self publishing

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  1. Hey Amy. I agree with you that it is worth going the traditional route of publishing. Dave Connis, JM’s friend just got a publisher for his book. Hang in there. He had to submit to several. Praying. Love, Aunt Lorraine


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