Wake to Wander – A Novel

Designated to die by artificial intelligences that rule her critically overpopulated city, Mia Collier learns why life, even her own, is worth fighting for.

Conflicted and reckless, Mia just wants to be left alone. But then the Stewards, artificial intelligences who rule Atlanta, set a date for her execution. Mia learns that she is pregnant, and worse, her daughter will be taken for an experiment run by the Stewards. The AIs want bodies and, in a world of limited resources, human bodies will have to suffice. This discovery finally wakes Mia to fight, to survive, to take down the system that would destroy her and the ones she loves.

A full synopsis and manuscript are available upon request.

Artwork by Anna Elizabeth Deringer
The city of Atlanta, set adrift on the rising seas Artwork by Anna Elizabeth Deringer